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Hey , here's classroom asset pack, chairs, tables, shelfs, chalks... everything is here.

This asset contains :
  • blackboardbig
  • blackboardlittle 
  •  books 
  •  chair 
  •  chalks 
  •  chalkboard_sponge 
  •  curtains 
  •  desk 
  •  lamp 
  •  postits 
  •  radio 
  •  shelfs 
  •  shelfwithwheels
  • table 
  •  TV 
  •  watch
5 ratings update:10 ratings update :15 ratings update :20 ratings update :
- chairtable
- compass
- lockers
- markers
- pens
- pen4colors
- pencils
- pencilcase
- scissors
- TV New
- atoms
- barrel
- centrifuge
- chairwithwheels
- cork
- cupboard
- fireextinguisher
- globe
- labdemoscene
- microscope
- solarsystem
- new table
- differents types of vials
- vialholder
- school bus - chair
- keyboard
- mouse
- new pc
- old pc
- printer
- projector
- router
- new monitor
- old monitor
- table
- different usb keys
-computer room demo scene
30 ratings update:40 ratings update:
50 ratings update:
- chairs  
- demoscene
- desk 
- drawer 
- notebook 
- penholder
- picture board 
- plant
- principal's chair
- shelf 
- telephone 
- wallsfloor
- basictoilet
- door
- paper
- paperhandler
- partitions
- pipeforsink
- pipteforurinal
- poop
- sink
- soaps
- soapdish
- urinal toilet 
- wallsfloor
- waterpump
- demoscene
- cakes
- caketray
- cans
- carrot
- chairs
- coffemaker
- onion
- potato
-  showcasetable 
- showcasewood
- springonion
- table 
- tomato
- traycafet
- vendingmachine
- cafeteria demo scene
- bonus: pingpongtable
-- for more stufs like plates or ustensils or kitchen stuff: HERE

All files are in FBX formats.

***Added a file that contains all blend files,it's for donations: ;if you feel generous  :) ***

This work is licensed under CC BY 4.0

Have fun ;)


There will have maybe more additions so stay tune and follow me on itch and on socials.


Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(69 total ratings)
Tags3D, Asset Pack, Blender, Cute, FBX, Godot, Low-poly, Modular, Royalty Free, Unity


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FBX 50 ratings update cafeteria.zip 3 MB
FBX 40 ratings update toilet.zip 2 MB
FBX 30 ratings update principal's office.zip 4 MB
FBX 20 ratings update computer room.zip 4 MB
FBX 15 ratings update schoolbus.zip 1,019 kB
FBX 10 ratings update chemistrylab.zip 11 MB
FBX 5 Ratings Update only New Props.zip 1 MB
FBX individuals files + demo scene(all files).zip 31 MB
GLTFindividualsfilesanddemosceneNOTUPDATED.zip 1 MB
blendfiles(DONATION).zip 22 MB
if you pay $2 USD or more

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(1 edit)

hi styloo~ I paid $2  this class room asset.

all object is white color and UV Layout is none.

How could I see original color?

I use unity and your all asset is very good qualtilty.

Edit) Oh my mistake. I solved color problem. now no problem.
       thanks. have a nice day!

oh ok haha , happy you figure it out :) thanks for the donation really apreciated

Hey, can you please tell me how did you solve the color problem?

Finally the cafeteria is here!!


yep finally haha

did you remove the library?

(1 edit)

yep, i tried to do it but there was any models to do it's only some shelfs with books witch i already added in the first upload so yeah removed it

edit: oh and btw if you have anything you want, you can tell me and maybe I will try do it


Thanks for the reply

your assets are all awesome!!


happy you like it and thanks for your kind comment ;)

i cant seem to use these assets i drag them into unity but they dont have anything there invisible 

try to double click on the object to see 


Go with ratingsss


high quality assets so they deserve the ratings. I will be waiting for the time when it reaches 50 ratings before I download anything because it surely will get there soon.

(1 edit)

hey, thanks mate :) hope It will get 70 ratings soon haha


are you able to provide this is glTF format?

yep, i think yes will upload it in few minutes



(1 edit) (+1)

Ok Fine!

This morning I was searching for a Classroom Pack for a small animation.. found nothing but paid assets

Just saw your message on Brackeys Discord...

I will use this for my next project.. and for the Chemistry Lab.. go ahead. We will surely need it in our next project!


EDIT: Will rate after trying out soon!

hey , thanks  , if you need something else tell me maybe i will add it, have a nice day dude