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Hey , here's an animals asset pack , dog, cat, girafe, chicken, cow butterfly, ladybug, fully rigged with some animations

Dog by stylo0 on Sketchfab

Cow by stylo0 on Sketchfab

This asset contains :(all of them are rigged)
  • dog 
  • cat 
  • chicken 
  • ladybug
  • girafe
  • butterfly
  • cow

with some animations:

  • dog iddle animation 
  • dog attack animation
  • dog run 
  • dog walk
  • dog walk and moving down his head
  • cow walk 
  • cow walking 
  • cow iddle 
  • cow jump 
  • cow run ?
  • girafe iddle
  • flying butterfly animation 
  • maybe more coming soon !

All files are in FBX formats. glb also but don't think it's working 

*Added a file that contains all blend files,it's for donations: if you feel generous  :) *

license : You are authorized to use this asset for personal and commercial purposes without any obligation for attribution. However, the direct resale of this asset, as is, is prohibited.

Have fun ;)


There will have maybe more additions so stay tune and follow me on itch and on socials.


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Tags3D, Animals, Animation, cat, Cats, Characters, Dogs, Godot, Low-poly, Unreal Engine


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Imported colorless. I imported it before and had black and white colors. Had to rewrite my pc now these have no color.

(1 edit)

what ? literaly rewrite your pc ? what engine do you use?(btw I made an update maybe it's because of that ?)

Sorry the rewrite of windows had nothing to do with your models. Was only saying the 1st download they had color and this time was no color or atlas to go by for textures.

I don't really understand the problem , but I tested it with unity, unreal and godot , seems to work fine, the textures are embeded btw, maybe you just need to extract them if you are using unity ?


Not Unity. I appreciate you answering me but it's probably something in my game egine causing the problem.  Love the assets i will figure out my issue, Thank You for your time.

thanks but when I import in Unity it's say error  :

(1 edit)

hmm interesting , does it return the same error for every model ? rml ?

yes , for every models, the same error

(1 edit)

ok, i fixed it , i will upload the files maybe tomorrow or next days :)thanks for the bug report

Cool ! Thank you for the update ! 

ok i uploaded the files fbx files should work fine in unity , glb don't know ;)

thank you

Hello! You should add the license into metadata for the asset pack(s):

"Edit asset pack->Metadata->Release Info->License for assets" It will increase the size of audience that will be able to find your art

(1 edit)

thx , its cc0 should be easy to understand

Yeah, image is big but if your page don't have properly set metadata, it won't appear on special "aggregator" page https://itch.io/game-assets/assets-cc4-by. There appear only projects with cc-by4 license... In your case it isn't more about telling what license it has, it is more about placing your assets on page that allow easier search for assets with cc-by4 license...

okok thanks for your advice , i will try to think about it next time , have nice day 

(1 edit)

i changed it to CC0; : )

It is good. ;)

I saw you have many other assets under CC-BY4. Each asset has its own metadata so you if you want to add metadata to each page you need to do it for each page separately

hahahhaaa, i saw ur page , u telling everyone to do that ? literaly everyone ;? why?

amazingggg! good job!

(1 edit) (+1)

thank you !!!!!

uuh the girafe is so cutee! <3


yep very cute thanks haha